Prayer has been, and continues to be the foundation of everything we do. Our faith empowers us and we know God changes lives.

Alongside our prayer diary, which you can download below, this page will highlight prayer needs and answers to prayer requests.

We would love you to join us in praying for the men, women and children that we work with in Bolton. We also pray for our partner agencies, schools and churches across the town.

Please click here to view or download our current Prayer Diary.


As Bolton Lunches approaches and the preparation for it is underway, please pray that we will have very clear directions as to what building we should use.

Our God is faithful and has always provided for the needs of Urban Outreach. Please pray that as we continue to trust Him that opportunities for continued funding will be made available.

Thank you.


Join us as we thank God for the changes that have been made in the life of a young girl known to RUNA. Since moving in to foster care, she has been attending school, her grades have improved and she now has some positive influences on her life.

Another young person who had been at risk of being made homeless and had refused support has now engaged with services and is looking at the potential of her own future and independent living. Together, let us thank God for this huge breakthrough!

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