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Introduction to the Referral and Risk Assessment Process – PLEASE READ FIRST

Storehouse Foodbank can provide households with food parcels for up to 6 weeks in any 6 month period. This support is intended for individuals and households suffering acute distress for a number of specific reasons which are explained within this referral form. The form also provides guidance as to where additional support may be found for the client.

Storehouse Foodbank is intended for Bolton households that are not eligible for food support under another scheme, e.g. Bolton Council’s Local Welfare Provision (LWP).

Storehouse Foodbank covers all of Bolton except BL4 households (Farnworth and Kearsley) which are covered by Trussell Trust Foodbank. BL4 households should be referred to The Well, Trafford Street, Farnworth BL4 7PQ. You can email: or ring them on 01204 861671.

We are only able to consider referrals from agency workers who have received up to date training from us in how Storehouse Foodbank operates. It is important that you keep your personal access code confidential and not share it with anyone else.

If you are unsure about any of this, please email us on or ring us on 01204 385848 before completing this referral form. All fields marked with an (*) will require completion.

Please list all other members of the
household (i.e. those who mainly reside
at the same address):

First name

Date of birth

* Please indicate the main reason for your referral by ticking just the main one that applies to your client. If none apply please contact us to discuss.

You will need to ask the client a number of questions to check their eligibility for Storehouse support. It is important that you are reasonably satisfied as to the information given to you by the client. Guidance is provided to help inform your judgement.

We are concerned to see that all those in need receive all the support they need beyond food parcels to help them through their time of crisis. For this reason, we have also provided guidance on where additional support may be found. You may find this useful in your work with the individual or their household. Support services do change over time, and we would welcome feedback on this.

Main Reason for Referral (tick only one)

Documents you may wish to see

Examples of support that may be available

An individual suffering a physical incapacity and/or mental health issues within the last 6 months, resulting in temporary financial and/or emotional distress.
  • PIP (Personal Independence Payment) letter or assessment docs:
  • ESA docs
  • Statutory ‘fit’ note.
  • Counselling appointment letter
  • Plus documentary evidence of financial distress
  • Mental Health Crisis (NHS) Single Point of Access tel: 01204 390107
  • MHiST tel: 01204 527200
  • BAND
  • 1Point
Caring Responsibilities
An individual or household which has assumed caring for an additional family member from outside their household within the last 6 months, resulting in temporary financial distress.
  • Carers Allowance doc
  • Docs supporting the additional family member (eg. PIP as above)
  • Disability badge
  • Plus documentary evidence of financial distress
  • Bolton Carers Support
  • Carers Assessment (for 18+) at Adult Services
An individual or household paying arrears or debts resulting in financial distress where the individual or household is in receipt of working age benefits or tax credits.
  • Eviction or bailiff notice, tenancy arrears letter, credit card / catalogue debt letter, court fines docs
  • Plus documentary evidence of working age benefits or tax credits
  • BH Money Advice Team tel: 01204 328000
  • CAP (Christians Against Poverty) tel: 0800 328 0006
  • Money Skills tel: 01204 332916
  • CAB (appointments available through all UCAN Centres or a drop in service is available in Bolton Town Centre)
Job Loss / Delays in Wages
An individual who has been subject to redundancy, job loss or multiple delays in wage payments within the last 6 months, which is causing financial and emotional distress.
  • Payslips showing fluctuations, emergency tax code, redundancy letter or notice of, gaps in monthly income (eg. benefits to and from work)
  • Plus documentary evidence of financial distress
  • Interim payment available from employer?
  • CAB (appointments available through all UCAN Centres or a drop in service is available in Bolton Town Centre)
  • CAP (Christians Against Poverty) tel: 0800 328 0006
Benefit Delay
An individual or household facing current benefit problems (i.e. benefit delay, a new benefit claim being made, benefit suspension).
  • DWP/Jobcentre Plus or Benefits Agency letter
  • Jobcentre Plus
  • Benefits Agency
  • CAB (appointments available through all UCAN Centres or a drop in service is available in Bolton Town Centre)
Fleeing Domestic Abuse
An individual or household fleeing or having fled domestic abuse within the last 3 months
  • Independent Domestic Violence Advocate (IDVA) contact details.
  • Financial circumstances are not relevant.
  • Housing Options Team tel: (01204) 335829
  • Advice and refuge through Fortalice 01204 365677
  • Endeavour for a support worker and support for pets 01204 394842
  • National Centre for Domestic Violence (NCDV) for help in getting an injunction 0800 970 2070
  • Victim Support free 24/7 support line – 08 08 16 89 111 or locally on 01204 399736
Leaving Care / Custody
An individual who has left care, custody or temporary (eg. hostel) accommodation within the last 6 weeks, causing temporary financial distress
  • 'Move on' Plan from Social Services.
  • Unless you have evidence, contact their professional support worker (eg social services, probation or hostel)
  • Leaving Care Team 01204 337183
  • Bolton Young Persons Housing Scheme (up to 25)
An individual who is homeless (not ‘roofless’) and is temporarily staying with an eligible postcode household
  • An eviction order
  • Letter from Homeless Welfare
  • Check circumstances with the house owner or registered tenant
  • Homeless Welfare (Housing Options) tel: 01204 335830 or 335900
  • Bolton Young Persons Housing Scheme (up to 25)
Seeking Asylum
An individual or household currently seeking asylum. If a person or family has been refused asylum we cannot provide food parcels.
  • Home Office document showing evidence of asylum status must be seen to confirm the applicant is a genuine asylum seeker
Where we can’t help, ring
  • BRASS tel: 01204 397152, or
  • The Destitution Project tel: 01204 782706
  • CAB (appointments available through all UCAN Centres or a drop in service is available in Bolton Town Centre)
If your referral is approved, we aim to do our best to provide items to suit your client or their household’s needs. To assist us in this please provide advise us if any of the following applies.
Please confirm the following:

I (the above named Agency Worker) confirm that the above named client understands that Storehouse Foodbank is a service administered by Urban Outreach Bolton (UOB) which is a registered charity. My client understands that the personal information provided above is correct and will be held securely by UOB solely for the purpose of managing the foodbank service. My client’s personal information will not be shared with any third party.

Storehouse food parcels are provided to clients by our volunteers. In order to keep them safe, we just need to ask a few more questions of you as the referring Agency Worker.

We normally aim to process your referral and get back to you within 48 hours. If the referral is declined we will give the reason(s) why. This will either be because the client:

  • does not live within the area we cover, or
  • has already received 6 weeks food parcels within the last 6 months, or
  • presents an unmanageable safety concern, or
  • is eligible for priority food support under another scheme.

If your referral is approved, we will provide important information for you to pass on to the client. This will be:

  • Arrangements for the collection or delivery of food parcels, including the day and time slot.
  • Any ID or security checks that we may need to make upon delivery.

If, after receiving their full ‘6 weeks over 6 months’ allocation, your client is still in need, please email or ring us on 01204 385848 to discuss.

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