Application For Night Shelter Volunteering

We are working with other agencies who are concerned about people who, for a variety of reasons, find themselves sleeping rough in Bolton. With the help of Bolton Council, Bolton Homeless Alliance is bringing services together to provide a range of support that reduces the risk of harm and supports rough-sleepers into accommodation.

For our part, Urban Outreach aims to open a temporary emergency night shelter through the coldest months of this each winter (October – April). This temporary facility is based at the former Central Baptist Church on Snowden Street, Bolton. BL1 2PU.

Our vision is that no-one, whatever their background or circumstances, should have to endure the desperation and indignity of living on the streets of Bolton at any time.

To this end, we need volunteers to help run the emergency night shelter on a rota basis. If you have volunteered previously for this project, you won’t need to complete this form again unless any of your personal details or circumstances have changed.

Please complete the form which will automatically and confidentially be emailed to us.  If you prefer you can complete a paper copy here.

    Personal details

    How would you like us to keep in touch with you? It’s your choice, but it would help us if you could tick all….

    PostTelephoneEmailSMS/Text message

    You can opt out of volunteering and further communication with us at any time through or by emailing
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    Your next of kin, or who should we contact in an emergency?

    Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974

    Under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 you are required to give details of convictions which are not legally spent. A conviction will not necessarily be a bar to volunteering with us, but failure to disclose any criminal conviction will disqualify you from continuing to volunteer with us, (please tick):

    a) Do you have a criminal conviction which is not legally spent? YesNo

    This particular volunteering opportunity involves direct contact with highly vulnerable adults. Consequently you are required to advise us of all ‘unprotected’ cautions and convictions even if spent. Volunteering for this role will also need to have Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) clearance. You may wish to seek appropriate advice before you answer the following questions.

    b) Have you ever been convicted, cautioned or bound over in connection with a criminal offence, other than for a motoring offence not resulting in disqualification? YesNo

    c) Has any action ever been taken against you by the police or a local authority in regard to a child under 18 years of age or a vulnerable adult? YesNo

    d) Have you ever been found guilty of violent, cruel, indecent or dishonest behaviour in any military service disciplinary proceedings? YesNo

    If your answer is ‘Yes’ to any of the above questions, please provide details:

    If you are unsure as to whether this section applies to you or this volunteering position, you should state above: “TO BE DISCUSSED”.

    Equality Act 2010

    Do we need to make any special arrangements in order for you to volunteer with us? YesNo If YES, please give details:

    You may be asked to complete a Medical Questionnaire before commencing volunteering with us.


    Are you related to any member of staff or anyone in a position of authority at Bolton Council, Urban Outreach, Bolton Council of Mosques or Homeless Aid UK? These are current member organisations of Bolton Homeless Alliance. (please tick) YesNo If YES, please give details:

    Data Protection Act (1998)

    By completing this form and otherwise supplying information to Urban Outreach Bolton, you agree that we may obtain, retain and process personal data supplied by you or relating to your engagement as a volunteer including DBS vetting, training, attendance, and as required or permitted by statute or regulation and generally as necessary under the volunteering relationship and legitimate activities.

    Your availability

    Without commitment at this stage, it would be helpful if you could indicate when you might be available to volunteer for the night shelter. It would be helpful if you could tick as many as you feel able. Don’t worry - we won’t allocate any more shifts to you than you wish to do. It just helps with our planning to know.

    Shift Options


    Evening shifts (8.00pm – 11.15pm) - responsible for welcoming and chatting to guests, serving drinks and snacks, and helping to facilitate showers and clean clothing.

    Night shifts (10.45pm – 7.00am) - need to keep awake to keep an eye on guests to ensure their comfort and safety throughout the night.

    Morning shifts (6.45am – 8.30am) - responsible for preparing and serving breakfast and for tidying up the shelter for the following night.

    Please circle as many days of the week that you might be available to volunteer:

    Monday MorningMonday EveningMonday Night
    Tuesday MorningTuesday EveningTuesday Night
    Wednesday MorningWednesday EveningWednesday Night
    Thursday MorningThursday EveningThursday Night
    Friday MorningFriday EveningFriday Night
    Saturday MorningSaturday EveningSaturday Night
    Sunday MorningSunday EveningSunday Night


    I declare that to the best of my knowledge and belief, all statements contained in this application are correct. I understand that all our night shelter volunteers must conduct themselves in accordance with our Night Shelter Volunteer Handbook which I will read and familiarise myself with.

    What happens next

    Once we have reviewed your application we will get back in touch with you. If there are suitable vacancies on the Night Shelter rota at the present time we will get back to you about it. If there are no suitable vacancies at present, we will keep your details on file, and may get back to you at a later date.

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