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The word ‘Genesis’ takes its meaning from ‘the beginning’. The beginning of life is good. However, we can get knocked about and damaged by the trials and tribulations of living. For some, the scars of life can leave a lasting and damaging legacy. Our Genesis project aims to help people overcome the damage of their past and rebuild healthy lives.  We plan to build an interactive garden which will provide an oasis of calm and tranquillity where damaged lives can be helped to heal. A range of therapeutic indoor and outdoor activities will be provided to help support the broader needs and interests of service users who are impacted by homelessness and are otherwise disadvantaged and highly vulnerable.


01204 385848


Urban Outreach Office,
Environ House,
Salop Street,
Bolton BL2 1DZ

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    How it works

    This project is gradually being realised within the building and grounds of our new Centre on Snowdon Street, Bolton BL1 2PU. This used to be Central Baptist Church.  The activities we are planning will link with several of our customer facing services which are being run from the Centre. Our aim is to involve service users and volunteer mentors at every stage of the project’s development and implementation. This may include:

    • The construction of planters, seating and wind-chimes to form an indoor/outdoor sensory area for relaxation.
    • The construction of a potting shed, greenhouse and raised beds for growing and tending fruit and vegetables.
    • Indoor and outdoor arts and craft activities
    • Introducing a chicken coop and the care of egg laying hens
    • The introduction of hives and bee keeping
    • Group harvesting, preparing and eating meals together
    • Creation of a wildlife haven area including a pond, bird boxes and a ‘hide’.
    • Garden planting, maintenance and composting activities
    • Creation of a perimeter hedgerow which will improve the local environment and provide shelter, safety and security for both our groups and the wildlife we wish to encourage.
    • In time, we would like to arrange competitions, exhibitions and open days which will celebrate all the creative work being done here!

    Can you help?

    If you would like more information or get involved in helping us make this project happen, please do get in touch. You can ring us on 01204 385848 or email admin@urbanoutreach.co.uk

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