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Urban Outreach is working with Bolton Council as a Family First provider within the voluntary and community sector to deliver on the Government’s Troubled Families Programme.

Family First works with families experiencing multiple issues including children not attending school, parents not in work, youth crime and anti-social behaviour. These families receive a number of different services from public organisations. Our support workers co-ordinate support, advice and approaches from the different services to help families address the complex issues and needs they are facing.


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Client Stories - Family First

About Family First

We work with the family to:

  • Build trust
  • Complete assessments and support plans
  • Address a range of social and health issues
  • Accompany them to appointments
  • Make home visits and give one-to-one support
  • Make specialist referrals for different family members
  • Help them return to school, community and local services
  • Assist family members into employment or improve “job readiness”

Within the first phase of the programme, 50% of ‘troubled families’ have achieved targets and are classified as ‘turned around’ – 39% is the average for all providers within Bolton.

Pippa’s Story

We started working with a young girl just before Christmas. It was clear from her missing report that things weren’t well at home. She had been referred to Children’s Services by the police as an allegation had been made when she was missing. We discussed the situation with the other agencies involved and it was felt we were the most appropriate service to work with her and her family. When we met her she was desperate to talk to us about how she felt and was keen for us to try to help her. However, she was nervous about speaking to us due to being let down in the past.

We spent the next few weeks gaining her trust and chatting to her parents. During this time it became clear that there were some longer term issues around her and her family. After we felt we had made a strong enough relationship with them we managed to persuade the family to be referred to two other agencies who could work with these specific family needs. As this work progressed we continued to support her by doing some Cognitive Behavioural Therapy work, confidence building and we also helped her become aware of how to stay safe. She could see the importance of this and started to change, as did her family and things started to settle down as a result. Our involvement then became less and less and she has now settled into a school and family routine and is on track to achieve good grades.

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