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Eve’s Space supports female offenders and those at risk of offending through one-to-one support and group work, in order to address issues that could potentially cause reoffending and to provide the support to promote sustainable lifestyles. The project receives funding from Bolton Council, the Greater Manchester Combined Authority, and Cheshire and Greater Manchester Community Rehabilitation Company (CRC).

“Urban Outreach has the rare ability to work with the most challenging and chaotic women and quickly establish a bond of trust and respect. You work with compassion, knowledge and great skill to enable clients to break down the emotional, psychological and social barriers that prevent them moving on towards a positive future.”


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Client Stories - Eve's Space

About Eve’s Space

Referrals are received from the Community Rehabilitation Company (probation), the police, prisons, the courts and other support agencies.

Under the Police Custody Triage Scheme, women arrested in Bolton can be bailed and referred to Eve’s Space for a needs assessment. This helps the police decide how to deal with the woman in a way which will help her not to offend again. They can require the woman to attend a number of support sessions with an Eve’s Space worker as part of a Conditional Caution.

Eve’s Space staff attend HMP Styal fortnightly and talk with clients before they are released ensuring appropriate support is available when they come back to Bolton.

Following an initial assessment, a support plan with actions is agreed with the client. The support worker will help the client achieve the agreed actions in areas such as finance benefits and debt, families and relationships, accommodation, health, and substance misuse. An outcomes tool is used to track progress and regular feedback is provided to partner agencies to ensure that the client is getting all the support they need to turn their back on offending and develop a sustainable lifestyle.

Eve’s Space is a founder member of the Greater Manchester Women’s Support Alliance.

Sarah’s Story

“When I first started going to Eve’s Space I was in a bad place! I wasn’t engaging properly with my worker; I was always missing appointments and messing them around. At the time I thought that everyone was on my case; I was being stubborn and wouldn’t accept the help. I can’t remember much from the beginning as I was using lots of different kinds of drugs like heroin, crack cocaine, diazepam and cannabis and was at high risk of offending to support my habit. I stopped engaging with my worker altogether but as time went on I stopped using drugs and my head was in a better place. I was thinking and seeing things in a whole new way! I wasn’t forgetting who’s who and what was said to me five minutes before. I decided to phone my worker and re-engage with the services. It was playing in my mind for weeks that it was something I needed to do to give me support to help me finally move on.

I didn’t even recognise my worker when we met up and that really hit home how bad I was. I didn’t even recognise the paperwork that I had previously filled in! With the support from Eve’s Space I’ve turned a new chapter in my life. I never used to come out of the house, didn’t have friends, got lost everywhere because I didn’t know Bolton. Now I’m at college four days a week, I’ve made lots of new friends and I don’t get lost any more. I’m not at risk of offending as I haven’t got a drug habit to support.

Since changing my life I’ve made a commitment to God and become a Christian which has had the biggest impact in my life. I now wake up every day, trusting in God and expecting Him to do great things! I feel I’ve got something to live for now and my life is so much happier.”

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