Prayer has been, and continues to be the foundation of everything we do. Our faith empowers us and we know God changes lives.

Alongside our prayer diary, which you can download below, this page will highlight prayer needs and answers to prayer requests.

We would love you to join us in praying for the men, women and children that we work with in Bolton. We also pray for our partner agencies, schools and churches across the town.

Please click here to see our current Prayer Diary.


Please pray for a client that has been diagnosed with lesions on the brain. She is waiting to have further tests. Pray that the outcome is positive.

Please pray for a young person we are working with who is in the care system. There is a lot of risk around this young person. Please pray for her safety.


Please join us as we praise God for His amazing Love and Goodness as ‘Christmas Dinner on Jesus’ was delivered to over 1,270 households, bringing a dinner packed with happiness to over 4,500 people!

What an incredible God we serve.

A lady we work with was only given 4 months to live! After 10 weeks in detox and rehab she is sober, looking and feeling great and excited about her future.

Please join us as we thank God for this amazing miracle – plus she has been granted an additional 4 weeks in rehab!


After an extremely violent relationship for 2 years, a young lady we are working with is now free and has now been offered her own property which is safe and supported. Praise God that He has intervened and please continue to pray that she will grow in confidence as she makes a new home for herself.


We give thanks for the positive relationships we have with other agencies in Bolton. We pray that this continues and that the young people of Bolton benefit from this multi-agency work.

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