Vision, Aims, Mission and Values

Established in 1990, Urban Outreach (Bolton) Limited is a company limited by guarantee and a Registered Charity. At Urban Outreach we believe that all people have amazing potential despite life events or background. We seek to support the people we work with to build a stronger future.

Our Purpose

Our charitable purpose is to meet our Objects as defined within our governing document. In summary, these are:

“to promote any charitable purpose for the benefit of people in necessitous circumstances by reason of the homelessness and economic circumstances and in particular:

(1) to relieve poverty by the provision of temporary accommodation

(2) to advance the education of such people by the provision of training in life skills,

(3) and to advance the Christian religion”

We exist to “bind up the broken-hearted and set the captives free” (Isaiah 61:1) and to “let His banner over me be love” (Song of Songs 2:4).

Funds from various sources are used in furtherance of these Objects in order to provide high quality and creative support to men, women and children who are disadvantaged, distressed and/or in acute need within our town.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to meet the needs of children, young people, families and individual adults through professional practice and the delivery of high quality services by specialist support staff and volunteers, as a practical expression of the Christian faith. The support we provide is based on the needs of the whole person: physical, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual.

Our Christian Ethos

Jesus Christ gives us the perfect example of how human beings should treat each other. We at Urban Outreach aspire to reflect the character of Jesus in all we are and do, and to live a life of love.

Our Vision

Our vision is to see all the people of Bolton have the opportunity to flourish, realise their full potential and live lives which are free from poverty, abuse, neglect, crime, controlling substances and any sense of failure.

Our Aims

Our Core Aim is to be consistently dependable, creative, challenging and inspirational in the support and care we provide in our town.

Underpinning this, our Strategic Aims are:

    1. to reach all communities and individuals in Bolton who are suffering disadvantage and deprivation.
    2. to procure and maintain a rolling programme of project activity which meets the needs of vulnerable, high-risk/high-cost and marginalised children, young people, families and individual adults; and wherever possible to demonstrate cost-savings to the public purse.
    3. to work with a range of partners in order to address and eradicate relative poverty in all its forms. This includes the provision of food and clothing, the development of essential skills for living; support in developing a good home life and good relationships; and when requested, helping people in matters of faith and spirituality.
    4. to maintain a broad range of volunteering opportunities and to mobilise volunteers to add value and impact to our work.
    5. to work with and empower community-based organisations to enable them to increase the impact of our aims and objectives on local communities.


Our Values

As an organisation we are founded on our collective Christian belief. From this solid base we are committed to work with people in order to live out the following values:

  1. Integrity – We live and work to the highest standards of personal and collective honesty and behaviour. We never compromise our reputation and always act in the best interest of the people we are here to help.
  2. Compassion – We will work tirelessly to help build strong communities throughout the borough of Bolton – helping those who are struggling with the effects of poverty in all its forms, to become more capable, resilient and self-reliant.
  3. Equality – We believe everyone should have fair and equal opportunity to be become the best they can, to thrive, be happy and make a valuable contribution to society.
  4. Sustainability – We value our world, our town and the neighbourhoods in which we work. We work to protect and use the resources we have at our disposal wisely. We work to empower and enable people and communities to support and help deliver our work through their voluntary effort.
  5. Collaboration and Inclusiveness – We respect and value all the individuals, groups and organisations we work with – their individual strengths, skills and motivations. We recognise that we achieve better and more through working together.
  6. Accountability – We take personal and collective responsibility to deliver our services and projects in a safe and consistent manner in accordance with established policies and procedures and the requirements of our funders and suppliers.
  7. Ambitions – We are demanding of ourselves, set high goals to achieve our aims and values, and are committed to continuously improving the quality of everything we do.
  8. Creativity – We are always open to new ideas, ready to embrace change which furthers our objectives, and to take disciplined risks which secure life changing results in our work.
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