Meet the Team

We have a staff team of 26, supported by more than 250 volunteers.

Through our support work with clients, we offer:

  • a single, trusted and consistent point of contact – someone to believe in them and treat them with dignity and respect
  • intensive initial hand-holding, emotional and practical support
  • someone to nudge their level of motivation and help regain personal confidence and self-esteem
  • high levels of radical advocacy/navigation to negotiate on behalf of and with clients

Our support workers consider needs holistically and have the following attributes:

  • practitioners with a passion and a care for the vulnerable and complex
  • understand the full spectrum of need (often undiagnosed or incorrectly assessed)
  • advocate and negotiate better outcomes for clients
  • work across professional boundaries in a collaborative manner
  • adopt an individualised and flexible approach
  • keep the client accountable for their actions
  • have systems in place to record day to day contact, outputs, progress and outcomes

Support is home-based, town centre based (offices at Salop Street/Restore Centre) or in other spaces (e.g. community centres, UCANs). We provide tailored 1:1 support and group sessions where clients would struggle to access these activities outside of our service. We, however, do not duplicate the work of excellent specialist local organisations but refer to over 70 agencies where appropriate, with strong partnerships and trust established.

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