Beacons of Light in the Darkness

As many of us have experienced, the Covid-19 pandemic have left many people feeling isolated as a result of the lockdown. Unsurprisingly this has led to many experiencing poor mental health. We know this issue has impacted on the lives of many across the country from all walks of life. The women we work with through our Eve’s Space project are no exception. Many of our women have experienced feeling low, lonely and at crisis point emotionally.

In response to this growing concern, our Eve’s Space workers put together some gift packs with useful resources, information, contact numbers and advice. The packs included items to pamper and boost the general wellbeing of the women we work with. We also included items to help promote positive mental health during this time for individual women and those with families and young children. Mindfulness diaries and colouring books were included in the packs as well as practical items such as hand wipes, hand gel and face masks. For those who have children we incorporated games for the children, learning materials, colouring books and crayons. We also included luxury toiletries and chocolates for all. Each pack was personalised to the needs, skills and interests of that particular woman or family.

The women who received the gift packs were so grateful and our workers enjoyed delivering them.

Some of the direct comments made by the women were touchingly appreciative: “This bag is absolutely brilliant thank you so much,” and “I love these mindful books! Gonna have a go later when the kids are in bed.” “I never receive gifts. It means so much that you care about me”. “No one has ever showed an interest in my wellbeing like Eve’s Space has.”

A big thank you goes out to Queen Street Mission for providing us with funding to create these gift bags. It really did feel like we were handing out beacons of light in a strange and dark world.

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