Growing Together – one family’s perspective

During Children’s mental Health Week, we took the time to look at how one of the families we support had grown together – making positive changes within their home and their family life.

Children’s Mental Health Week was between 7th-13th February with the theme “growing together”.  Children and adults alike were challenged to consider the ways they have grown and how we can encourage one another to grow together.  During this week we shared on social media some of the groups that support children and young people with their mental health through support groups, activity clubs and listening services.

We also shared what we do as an organisation in this area.  As part of our Children & Families Team we offer bespoke 1-1 support with children around understanding well-being and strategies to help. There is also provision for parenting support to improve resilience and emotional health and to encourage positive change.  This project is called ‘IThrive’ and delivered with Bolton Together.

One family we worked, showed brilliant progress and improvement by growing together.

Sam (not real name) experienced episodes of extreme anger both at school and home. He regularly had emotional outbursts which included being verbally aggressive and throwing objects around; something he seemed to have no control over. We took time to get to know Sam and his mum and help them both understand what the triggers were for these outbursts. Some of this work was done on a 1-1 basis and mum took part in parenting support sessions at the same time. Together they worked on how to communicate showing value and respect, how to listen to one another and how to work through anger management strategies given to Sam. Over the time we worked with this family, the school reported significant improvements in his behaviour. Sam was pleased that his relationship with his mum had improved, and he was a lot happier.

By taking the time to walk alongside one another, we improve our understanding of each other’s perspective – enabling us to “grow together”.

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