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We are all getting excited and eager to start something both exciting and inspiring …… something that might well involve paint, clay or even fabric!! So you may be asking “What are we talking about?” Well, on June 3rd, our Eve’s Space project is to start a five week course in partnership with Create Bolton. So from this date, every Monday, some of the women from Eve’s Space will be rolling up their sleeves to enjoy a real ‘hands on’ creative experience! Who is Create Bolton? Create Bolton is a Christian charity using the arts in their widest sense to reach those in need. What is the course all about? The course will focus on an area of life that is important to the women, different artistic mediums will be used, and the end result will be an exhibition in Bolton Library. Wow …. yippee!! We can’t wait to see the outcome! Now that you  know this is coming, we invite you to join us as each week we update this news page with comments, photos and ultimately with the date of the exhibition at the library where you can come and see all the work and personal investment that all the women have given over the duration of the course. As a team we are very excited to see what God is going to do through this project so please do “watch this space”.

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