“Outstanding support and guidance”

Dear Alan

I write to thank you for the service that Urban Outreach provided in assisting me to find a new home and the outstanding support and guidance that you have provided.

It is with regret that after a bitter divorce, loss of job, loss of earnings and finding that I have a major health problem I moved to a new home, not knowingly, but indeed periodically was full of drugs.

At this stage I approached Urban Outreach and was met by yourself who listened, advised and pointed me in the right direction.

My health from January 2015 has sadly deteriorated and I hoped and prayed for a quiet, warm and safe home.

I bid for a home with a housing association and thanks to my references and the support of Urban Outreach, I moved in November. It is perfect and the other residents are quiet but friendly and kind. This is exactly what I wanted.

Simply thank you for your guidance and straight talking support.

What a fantastic organisation Urban Outreach is!!

Much obliged, kindest regards and God Bless


(Name and photo have been changed to preserve client anonymity)

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