Support First – new project being piloted

Urban Outreach has started a new pilot project with Greater Manchester Police (Bolton Family Division and the STRIVE Team) called Support First. We are working with vulnerable adults with a range of complex social and lifestyle needs, who are repeatedly calling the police. Sue, our support worker is there to offer support through home visits, helping to identify issues and getting alongside individuals and couples to work through any problems. There may be health, housing, financial and relationship needs. Sue is one of our most experienced staff members and is able to build trust to work with people to enable them to make positive choices.

The project is funded through the Home Office Innovation Fund, administered by the Greater Manchester Police and Crime Commissioner’s Office. The project has only been running for a few weeks and we are already showing success in reducing the pressure on police call handling and neighbourhood response teams.

Paul Nickeas, Greater Manchester Police said: “Some of the most vulnerable of people in Bolton will now have the support that they need to help them day to day. This is thanks to the knowledge, compassion and innovation from Urban Outreach.  This intensive support really helps improve the quality of lives and reduces the reliance on the emergency services reducing the costs to the taxpayer. This Support First makes a real difference.”

Beverley’s Story

Beverley was referred to the Support First service. She was often phoning the police when she was drunk. A lot of the calls were because she was suffering domestic violence and a lot just because she was drunk. We started working with her and after a four week period she had only phoned the police once. We have got her help to reduce her drinking and are in the process of finding her a place of her own. She has accepted all the support offered to her and is making real progress in her life.

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