“Urban Outreach never gave up on me!”

When Anna (not her real name) first came to receive our help over 20 years ago, her life was in absolute chaos. Having been a drug addict for over 30 years she experienced the reality of how cruel drugs can be. No matter how many times she tried to get clean, the pull was too strong and she would relapse. Anna shared: “This addiction is horrible and it’s taken everything away from me.”

Drugs and domestic violence had become her normal. Sadly, as a result of her lifestyle Anna was not able to be involved in the lives of her children. Drugs were a significant issue within her wider family. So much so that her two brothers both died in drug related circumstances.

Over the months and years, Anna dipped in and out of receiving support from us. She knew she could always turn to us for help when times were particularly difficult. Anna recalls how through everything, Urban Outreach had always been there to help her. She said, “My worker has always had faith in me.”

Last year Anna seized an opportunity to go into a rehab and become clean. Rehab can be a scary concept as it is a place where you ‘change’. Naturally Anna was anxious about letting go of her old self and embracing the new life she could create for herself. Addressing issues that have been a part of who you are is a difficult experience but this time Anna was ready.

Now life is looking brighter. Having been clean for 9 months, Anna now has contact with her children. She makes sure she takes time for herself and for the first time is enjoying life. She says, “Some days are hard but I’ve got God. I just thank Urban Outreach for never giving up on me”. Anna’s worker said: “It has been a privilege to be a part of Anna’s journey. Her story gives us hope for all those we work with – that lives really can be turned around and changed for the better.”

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