Young people explore creative ways to express their feelings

In early April the RUNA team attended an event for girls organised by the Greater Manchester Youth Offending Teams. There was a performance workshop by the Octagon Theatre focusing on social media, bullying and personal responsibility, followed by an opportunity for the girls to visit stands from a number of different agencies across Greater Manchester.

RUNA’s stand was an opportunity for those girls attending to create journals, encouraging them to write their thoughts and feelings down, rather than acting them out in a negative way, through running away. The team took a young person with them who had been engaging well with our RUNA Support. She helped throughout the day and encouraged conversations with some of the other girls.

Rob, the RUNA Team Leader said: “This was a great opportunity to do some preventative work, getting the girls to think about how they could express their feelings, and communicate them to people who can help, rather than running away and putting themselves in danger”.

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